terça-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2008

"Last Christmas..."

Bué de melancólica

Já agora Merry Christmas que je vais étudier français parce que j'ai teste demain.

Beijos anormais =D

sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

Who's gonna save my soul now?

"- I need space. I need the time to just figure out who I am, you know?! And... And it's not you. It's totaly not you. It's me and it's like the timming of it... I'm trying to find out who I am. And I can't realy do that if I'm still trying to find out who you are at the same time. You know?!
- Can I get an extra plate, please?
- I thing we should give it a go...
- Here you go.
- You DO realise I'm breaking up with you, right?
- That's a strange thing. It's actualy yours now. I dont know why it works this way but I'M NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO GET OVER YOU. And so, from now on, every girl that i meet will be meticulous compared to you. And unfortunately, none of them will be able to mesure up to the false memory of what you and I once "had".
- Well, maybe i can just keep it for a little while and use it for small things, like, kinda when I'm having a really shitty day, or... I need someone to talk to, or... And then eventualy, I'll give it back to you when we both find someone new.
- Unfortunately, it won't work that way...
- Why not?
- Well, now that you have my heart, I'm pretty much an empty cavity inside. For lack of a better term, "Heartless". I will now treat each woman that I meet whit a passive-agressive contentiousness that will ruin relationship after relationship for many years to come.
- I really treasure your friendship so much... Hello... Are you even listening to me?
- No."

Who's gonna save my soul now??